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Blepharitis usually is focused on the outside of the top or lower eyelids. It can be described as a reddish patch of skin resembling dry skin. It confuses many patients because dry skin therapy will not solve this problem. Signs and symptoms include gritty and itchy eyes, dandruff like material that will flake,crusty patches leading from the eyelid to the lashes, or even swollen eyelids. The main causes for this stem from bacteria.

Many people will get blepharitis and not realize it right away. Some people think that blepharitis is just dry skin. Blepharitis is usually a chronic problem meaning that once you get this condition it will have a tendency to resurface.

Treating Blepharitis

For many years, eye doctors recommended baby shampoo to treat Blepharitis. The absolute key for this condition is to simply keep the eyelids and eyelashes clean. Try to avoid excessive eye rubbing with dirty or unwashed hands. Patients should use a wash cloth and dampen and soak the eyelid area using hot water. Be sure not to burn yourself but get the water relatively hot. After washing the lids try holding the warm wash cloth over your face and hold. This will create a moisture barrier and will assist with the cleansing process. Baby shampoo has been recommended for years and will work as a cleansing agent in some cases. There are some new treatments for blepharitis that may help reduce red patches or swelling more rapidly than baby shampoo. Proper eyelid hygiene is critical to reducing instances of blepharitis. If the case of blepharitis is severe, the doctors at Hines Sight may also prescribe antibiotics or steroid eyedrops.

Did you know?

  • Blepharitis cannot be permanently cured, however, with eyelid hygiene done on a daily basis, the symptoms may be controlled.
  • Ed Van Breen and the Igiene company liken this cleansing process to brushing your teeth and suggest daily eyelid cleansing.
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