Misaligned Eyes

Misaligned Eyes

Most people are unaware of the term associated with misaligned eyes. Strabismus is the medical term that refers to misaligned eyes. Strabismus is a visual defect where the eyes are actually misaligned and point in different directions. It is not uncommon in cases of strabismus for one eye to look straight forward, and the other eye may turn inward or outward. The eyes actually deviate out of alignment. Strabismus is a relatively common condition with children. About 4% of all the children in the United States have strabismus (American Academy of Ophthalmology)

The doctors at Hines Sight offer treatment for strabismus right here in Denver Colorado. We will first ask our patients to come in for a complete eye exam where the patient will be examined by an ophthalmologist. This will involve William Hines, M.D. who has an ophthalmic interest in pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus surgery. In some instances strabismus can be treated with eye glasses that will help children to straighten their eyes. In more severe cases the treatment protocol may involve eye muscle surgery to correct the unbalanced eye muscles. The main objective of strabismus treatment is to straighten the eyes and restore normal vision.

Eye Muscle Surgery

Patients who require eye muscle surgery are at least happy to understand that the eyeball is not removed from the eye socket during surgery. In pediatric surgical cases a general anesthetic is required. During eye muscle surgery the muscles are removed from the wall of the eye. The surgeon will first make a very tiny incision in the eye to start the procedure. The eye muscles will be moved and repositioned during surgery.

Eye Muscle surgery that does not generate perfect alignment will at least achieve a cosmetic improvement. It is important to select a well-qualified surgeon for this process because they will need to also stimulate the two eyes to function together.

Did You Know

• Over 700,000 eye muscle surgeries are performed every year in the United States.

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