Why Choose us?

Pro athletes and their families don't trust their eyes to just anyone - Why would you? Our Denver eye surgeons have performed LASIK eye surgery at in our Denver, Colorado center for over 40,000 patients.

Hines Sight located right here in Denver is very excited to offer the very best options for LASIK eye surgery and laser vision correction services. Over years of experience with LASIK eye surgery, we now have the experience and technology to do what is simply right for our patients.

After thousands of successful procedures, we are happy to have played a tremendous role in helping Denver see better. We understand that as a patient you have various options for LASIK eye surgery in Denver and we appreciate you choosing us. Choosing a Denver LASIK surgeon can be rather confusing. We invite you to sit down and spend some quality time reading through our website. There are various pages with a lot of information regarding vision correction and eye diseases. Not only does Hines Sight have an experienced and safe surgeon but we understand the importance of making LASIK in Denver affordable. This is precisely the reason why we have various pricing options and the best in LASIK financing with a 0% down program.


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