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Enhanced Results with Custom Wavefront LASIK 

VISX Star 4 CustomVue®Do you want the best possible eyesight? As you already know Dr. Justin Coco and his staff are dedicated to providing patients with the best possible results. Our dedication to technology and results is simply unmatched in the Denver area and one of the reasons why Dr. Hines is regarded as one of the regions top ophthalmologists. From our constant drive for the best results, we have acquired custom LASIK technology, also known as wavefront technology. Our system is the VISX Star 4 CustomVue® with IRIS registration. If you are planning on having LASIK you have come to the right Denver LASIK center. Wavefront technology or custom LASIK has made drastic improvements in the ability for ophthalmologists to improve vision after LASIK eye surgery. The doctors at Hines Sight can use wavefront technology to create better vision for patients and they do this every day.

Is Custom LASIK right for you?

The only way to determine if custom wavefront LASIK eye surgery would be a good procedure for your eyes is to visit our Denver LASIK center. Our doctors will have to conduct a series of diagnostic tests to accurately measure your vision. A wavescan of your eyes will be conducted as part of this very extensive eye exam. Some patients have referred to these eyes tests as the most thorough eye exam of their life. This exam allows us to determine that you are a 100% good candidate for Custom LASIK.

What is Custom LASIK?

Acuity Maps®Custom LASIK is a term that refers to an enhanced type of LASIK eye surgery that treats all aspects of the visual spectrum including higher order aberrations. Traditional LASIK is a great eye surgery procedure and many people see perfect with this procedure, but it does not treat higher order aberrations such as glare and halo. A very small amount of the original LASIK patients complained about these higher order aberrations and that is why technology responded with Custom LASIK. Since the advent of wavefront technology into the field of ophthalmology, many patients have benefited from the technological breakthrough. As previously stated the main issue that wavefront technology addresses is aberrations. Aberrations can be separated into two categories HIGH and LOW. Low order aberrations are the familiar sphere and cylinder of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, measured through refraction and denoted by diopters on your prescription. This is precisely what traditional LASIK eye surgery was aiming to correct. Higher order aberrations such as glare and halo cannot be measured with a standard refraction. Instead, they are measured with an instrument called an aberrometer. The aberrometer measures the total amount of aberrations in the eye, including the refraction, and then transforms this complex data into a wavefront map. Aberrometer findings are transferred and then loaded into the excimer laser for treatment. The laser ablation pattern to improve your vision is derived from the total set of aberrations. Many patients have a hard time understanding this concept of lower order and higher order aberrations. The doctors at our Denver LASIK office are always ready to help explain the benefits of custom LASIK at your consultation.

What is the difference between LASIK and Custom LASIK?

WavescanOne of our optometrists often describes the difference between traditional LASIK and custom LASIK as it relates to buying a suit. Like with buying a suit, traditional LASIK, will give you excellent visual results. Custom LASIK is more like buying a custom tailored suit that fits perfectly and accounts for your specific body type. Custom LASIK will treat your eyes the same way with a custom tailored waveprint and treatment that is specifically matched to your eyes needs.

"I liken Custom Wavescan LASIK vs. standard LASIK to comparing a custom-fitted suit to an off-the-rack suit. For many people, the off-the-rack suit will fit and look just fine, but the custom-fitted suit will always be at least as good, and maybe just a bit better (look at Ryan Seacrest or David Letterman - they don't have unusual body shapes, but you can tell their suits fit them perfectly, and it is impressive!) - and, for some people it will make a WORLD of difference in their comfort and their appearance." Stanley Cushing, O.D.

Why are so many patients considering Custom LASIK?

Custom LASIK
Once our patients hear that they can get a LASIK surgery that is customized they are very intrigued, especially because some Denver LASIK centers do not offer this type of LASIK. If you have any questions regarding whether or not Custom LASIK or traditional LASIK would be best for you we can give you an accurate assessment because we perform both types of LASIK eye surgery.

Not only do a large amount of vision care patients now choose Custom LASIK, but most LASIK surgeons will now admit their preference from this method. According to an ASCRS (American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery) 2005 survey of 4645 members 74% of surgeons use wavefront technology. (source ASCRS/eyeworld magazine 2005)

Custom LASIK and wavefront technology can:

Drastically improve quality, contrast and crispness of your vision.
Allow a patient to see better than you can with glasses or contact lenses.
Increase your chances of seeing 20/20 or better.
VISX CustomVue FDA Clinical Trial Data is 98% 20/20 or better after LASIK.
Did you know?

Did you know that wavefront technology originated with the Hubble Telescope?

Believe it or not, wavefront technology actually had its origins with technology created for the Hubble Telescope. It was part of research and development for the Strategic Defense Initiative for NASA. Engineers and ophthalmologists invested millions of dollars to develop wavefront technology in ophthalmology and its compatibility with excimer laser treatments. Who would have known that this NASA research would have led to such a breakthrough for eye surgeons?

Pre-Operative LASIK Candidacy

Wavescan If wavefront technology or customized Denver LASIK eye surgery is appealing to you we suggest filling out our LASIK self-evaluation test, and calling us directly to set up an evaluation. During your initial consultation at Hines Sight, you will be required to undergo a pre-operative evaluation to evaluate your overall eye health. Because our practice is dedicated to safety with LASIK eye surgery we perform a series of advanced diagnostic tests to determine your LASIK candidacy. Your cornea thickness is a critical component to your LASIK candidacy. If you do not have the proper amount of cornea thickness the procedure is not recommended. If you are not a LASIK candidate our doctors will be happy to review other vision correction procedures that could be potentially better. Rest assured, you will only get honest answers to your questions here at Hines Sight Denver.

What do patients say after their LASIK wavefront technology surgery at Hines Sight?

Here is what one of our recent custom LASIK patients had to say - “ My new vision is amazing! The professionalism of Dr. Hines and the Hines Sight staff was thoroughly impressive. I was most pleased that they offered me custom LASIK. The other center I called did not offer this to me but instead offered an older version of LASIK. I came to Hines Sight and now I have Customized laser vision correction”.

Custom LASIK Lasers

Wavefront Systems (These are the standard custom LASIK wavefront Systems that are approved by the FDA. If a medical practice claims they are doing custom LASIK and does not have one of these machines please be sure to check with the FDA to see if the wavefront technology has been approved for use by the FDA) It is not suggested that un-verified wavefront technology machines be used in LASIK eye surgery.

  • Bausch & Lomb - Technolas 217 Zyoptix
  • VISX CustomVue
  • VISX IR CustomVue
  • Allegretto Wave (Wavelight)
  • Ladarwave

Cost of Custom LASIK - Denver LASIK Cost Comparisons

It most likely comes as no surprise that using custom LASIK or using wavefront technology will cost more. Our practice has made significant efforts to bring this LASIK technology to Denver and also to make this as affordable as possible. We offer various Denver LASIK financing options.

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  • Hines Sight Custom LASIK Technology

The doctors at Hines Sight use the VISX Star 4 CustomVue® with IRIS registration. VISX was an original company that was first producing laser vision correction equipment since the 1995 FDA approval of PRK. VISX has been a recognized leader and pioneer in the field of vision correction. Now VISX is officially known as Abbott Medical Optics and works on a variety of vision correction platforms. During the wavefront technology and CustomVue FDA clinical trial work VISX developed a national study utilizing multiple vision correction centers to accurately assess the outcome of this new technology. It was during this study that we learned that 98% of Custom LASIK participants were seeing 20/20 or better after the LASIK eye surgery. This event was noted as uniquely outstanding and the acceptance of custom LASIK started. What was even more exciting was that 70% of the post-operative cases were calculated at seeing 20/16 or better. The contributions of this company to the field of vision correction have been amazing. VISX and now AMO will likely continue to provide eye surgeons of Denver with the best technology to care for their patients. It is due to this dedication and commitment to patient care that has made it easy for Dr. Coco to choose the CustomVue LASIK platform.

Custom LASIK conclusions

Why NOT choose the best in Denver LASIK? Choose Hines Sight to get your personal best vision. Our practice is proud to offer the services of Dr. Coco to Denver area LASIK patients. Please feel free contact at your convenience and we are happy to arrange a free LASIK consultation at our Denver practice.

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