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Is your vision foggy or blurry? Do colors appear dull and lackluster? Do your eyes hurt when you go out in the sun?

You may have cataracts. Cataracts cloud your eye's naturally clear lens, making the world around you appear hazy.

The doctors at Hines Sight in Denver, CO, perform cataract surgery to remove the cloudiness and restore your vision.

What Is a Cataract? A Clouded Lens

A cataract is a clouding of the eye's naturally clear lens. The lens in your eye is responsible for focusing light rays on the retina, which is the part of the eye that senses light and transmits these images to the brain. When the lens becomes cloudy, light rays cannot fully pass through to the retina and your vision becomes blurry.

The Causes of a Cataract


Developing cataracts is part of the normal aging process. More than half of Americans have had a cataract by age 80


An accident or an injury to the eye can cause a cataract to form. 


Some environmental factors like toxic chemicals and certain medications have been linked to cataract development.


Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light or ultraviolet radiation can cause a cataract to form over time.


You have a higher chance of developing cataracts if you have a family history of the condition.


Cataracts can also form as a result of eye disease or as a result of medical conditions, such as diabetes.

Ask About Cataract Surgery From Trusted Ophthalmologists

Although cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgeries today, it is a serious procedure that requires an experienced eye surgeon with strong knowledge of lens implantation. The doctors at Hines Sight have provided Colorado patients with exceptional care for over 35 years. Our dedicated team offers top-quality treatments that provide effective results and a rapid recovery.

If you are struggling with symptoms of cataracts, don't hesitate. Contact our Denver, CO, practice to request your consultation.

Drs. Justin Coco, William Hines, and Stanley Cushing

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Dan Reed


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Very professional I had a very successful cataract surgery and Lasik mini years before that. Personally I have loved almost never wearing glasses!

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Katherine thayer


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Have been a patient at this practice for 20 years. Office personnel are caring, friendly and competent. Have had cataract and LASIK surgeries with Dr Coco and highly recommend him.

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The Types Of Cataract Surgery

We offer our patients two types of cataract surgery, ultrasound and the newer version of the surgical procedure, laser. Both surgeries involve breaking up and removing your natural, clouded lens and replacing it with an artificial lens called an intraocular lens implant (IOL). However, the methods differ.

Ultrasound Cataract Surgery

This conventional method of cataract surgery has been used for decades. It uses ultrasound energy to break down your old, clouded lens. The fragments of your old lens are then gently removed. This type of cataract surgery requires an experienced surgeon with a steady hand as the entire process is done manually. While it may sound intimidating, this is a safe surgery that has been performed millions of times.

Laser Cataract Surgery

A newer form of surgery, this procedure uses the precision of a laser to make the corneal incision and to break apart the cataract. Since the laser is programmed on a computer, its incisions are precise as they are placed exactly where the surgeon directs it to go. The laser is highly accurate and very quick. With minimal human intervention, this form of surgery has few risks and is usually the preferred option for most patients.

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Our mission is to maximize the vision and eye health of every patient we encounter. Our Colorado office uses the latest in technology to provide the highest quality of care. Hines Sight takes pride in providing state-of-the-art treatments in a relaxing, caring environment. Eye surgery can be a very intimidating thing, which is why our doctors take the time to get to know each patient's goals and needs and are happy to answer any questions about their upcoming surgical procedure.

If you're tired of looking through a cloud, contact our Denver, CO, office today to request your consultation.

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Thuy Nguyen


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Great experience overall. I can see much better after my cataract surgery. Dr Coco is great! I have recommended him to all my family and friends.

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Michael Thyfault


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Fantastic! Dr. Cocco is detailed, easy to talk to, answers questions and Duda great job on my cataracts. The staff is also very very good.

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A Closer Look at Cataract Surgery

Wonder how cataracts are removed? Here you can see how the clouded lens of the eye is carefully extracted during cataract surgery. Following cataract removal, an intraocular lens is placed to help restore vision. The routine surgical procedure can prevent blindness.

What to Expect During Laser Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is the only way to address the symptoms caused by cataracts and restore clear vision. Thankfully, surgery is virtually painless, with a quick recovery period. 

The entire laser surgery should take less than an hour.

Day of Procedure

The entire laser surgery should take less than an hour.

Anesthetic Drops

We will administer numbing eye drops to ensure your comfort throughout the cataract removal procedure. You should feel no pain during the process.

Laser Incisions

A laser will make the incisions in your cornea. Your doctor will program the laser to make precise cuts based on a digital map of your eye.

Damaged Lens

The laser will then break apart your damaged, clouded lens. Once the damaged lens is broken into pieces, it will be gently removed.

Intraocular Lens

Once the damaged lens is removed, the IOL that meets your vision needs will be implanted. The clear, artificial lens will once again allow light to focus on your retina correctly, thereby improving your vision.

Protective Covering

Your eye may be patched after surgery, but the patch can be removed the next day. Be sure to follow all instructions regarding this protective cover.

Final Results

Your vision will improve immediately after cataract surgery; however, you may still need glasses for certain tasks. Your eye should fully heal within six to eight weeks.

Are There Side Effects To Cataract Surgery?

It is normal to have symptoms of minor discomfort and itching during the first few days after surgery. Serious complications like infections, severe pain, eyelid swelling, and retinal detachment are rare. Your risk of developing more serious symptoms is higher if you have another eye disease or underlying medical condition. The doctors at Hines Sight are experienced and well trained on how to minimize your risk of developing these severe complications.

Contact Us Today If Your Eyesight Is Getting Worse

If seeing behind the wheel while driving a vehicle is getting increasingly more difficult, you may have a worsening cataract. With the proper surgery, we can prevent blindness and improve your sight so you can stay on the road. 

The risk factors from eye surgery are minimal, especially in the hands of our experienced eye doctors. We can examine your eyes to determine if surgery is the best option to counter the effects of a cataract.

Contact Hines Sight in South Denver or call:

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Skip Rodgers


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Stanley Cushing is a great eye doctor. He takes the time to answer your questions. Great care by the support staff. Office staff is friendly.

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Dan Reed


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Very professional I had a very successful cataract surgery and Lasik mini years before that. Personally I have loved almost never wearing glasses!

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Cataracts and LASIK

Diagram of LASIK procedure
LASIK is a refractive eye surgery used to correct many common vision problems like farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. LASIK cannot correct a clouded lens. However, if you have not achieved your best possible vision after cataract surgery, LASIK may be performed to enhance the quality of your sight.

Maintaining Your Results

After cataract removal, patients should continue seeing our eye doctors for scheduled check-ups. This provides an opportunity to bring up any questions or concerns about your eyes post-surgery, and for our eye doctors to check on the progress of your recovery.

Health and Wellness Tips for Protecting Your Vision

We also recommend patients:

  • Refrain from smoking and using tobacco products
  • Eat a nutritious diet with leafy greens and healthy fats 
  • Continue to wear sunglasses and protect their eyes from bright lights

These precautions don't just protect your eyesight after cataract removal. Following the advice above can also help minimize the risks of developing glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other age-related conditions that affect your sight. 

Is Cataract Surgery Expensive?

The team at Hines Sight in South Denver believes comprehensive eye care should be accessible to people who need it. Our doctors and staff will work with patients to review all of their financial options.

Insurance Coverage

We accept many types of medical and vision insurance. Your insurance may not cover laser cataract surgery or the use of a premium IOL, but basic cataract removal and IOLs are usually covered.

We can help you work with your insurance provider to see if there are some aspects of the treatment that can be covered to keep down out-of-pocket costs.

Financing Options

Our office accepts financing through CareCredit®, allowing patients to receive treatment. Afterward, patients can pay off the balance with manageable payment plans that range from six to 60 months.

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"I've had lasik surgery years ago and recently had cataract surgery on both eyes. I wish I could give Dr. Hines six stars! Besides myself, he's done surgery on my daughter (lasik) and my grandson (lasik) and we all think of him like family. We're not, but that's the way he treated us. Because of him, I've never had to wear glasses. That's not because of great genes, but because of his skills. I was first impressed with him because he'd done a lot of work for the Colorado Avalanche hockey players. So glad I found him. I highly recommend him!" Carol Poticha, 5-Star Review
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Hines Sight

The team at Hines Sight works together to provide the greater Denver, CO, area with the best possible experience. Our doctors are affiliated with professional organizations, including:

  • American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • American Osteopathic Association
  • American Osteopathic College of Ophthalmology
  • American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
  • International Society of Refractive Surgery
  • Sigma Sigma Phi Osteopathic Honors Society

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