Safe & Effective Laser Floater Removal 

Floaters are often an annoyance, but in some cases, they may also indicate a more serious problem within the eye. If you have recently noticed an increase in the number or size of floaters you are seeing, you should schedule an eye exam. The team at Hines Sight in Denver, CO, provides patients with safe, effective solutions for various eye conditions. We offer laser vitreolysis, or laser floater removal to restore patients' clear, unobstructed vision. Drs. Stanley Cushing and Justin Coco work together to provide diagnoses and follow-up care. Dr. Cushing can perform this advanced laser surgery on-site or if needed, refer you to a retinal specialist for more severe concerns. 

What Are Floaters? 

Floaters can appear as specks, thread-like wisps, or cobwebs. These fibrous strands are clumps of proteins which move within the vitreous, or gel-like substance in the eye, and can cast a shadow across the retina. Typically, floaters occur as part of the natural aging process as the vitreous becomes more liquid and shrinks, separating from the retina. However, patients with myopia or diabetes, as well as those who have undergone cataract surgery are more likely to develop floaters.

Diagram of inside of the eye
Floaters occur within the vitreous, or gel-like substance within the eye.

When Is It Necessary to Seek Treatment?

Often, floaters are easy to ignore. However, when they become more frequent or are accompanied by flashes, they can signify a more serious issue such as retinal detachment. If a substantial number of floaters are present, it may also lead to impaired vision. You should notify your doctor immediately if you experience: 

  • A sudden increase in the size of floaters
  • Floaters that resemble wisps of smoke 
  • A substantial increase in the number of visible floaters

Neglecting treatment for these symptoms could lead to permanent vision damage or even blindness in the afflicted eye. During an in-depth examination, Dr. Cushing or Dr. Coco can evaluate whether floaters are presenting a hazard to your eyesight and whether you are a candidate for laser floater removal. 

The Laser Floater Removal Procedure

Laser floater removal is a highly effective and low-risk surgical procedure. During the procedure, Dr. Coco will precisely direct a specialized laser at the floaters within your eye.

Laser floater removal is a highly effective and low-risk surgical procedure. During one treatment session, the laser can be applied over 500 times. 

Once the strands of protein have been treated, they are naturally absorbed by the body. The procedure typically lasts about 20 minutes. During one treatment session, the laser can be applied over 500 times. 

Risk of Laser Vitreolysis

Laser floater removal is considered to be associated with a minimal degree of risk. However, it can result in the same complications as most ocular surgery procedures, including: 

  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Hemorrhage
  • Retinal detachment 

Based on a study presented at a recent American Academy of Ophthalmology conference, only 0.8 percent of treated patients experienced complications.

Will My Insurance Cover the Treatment?

Because it is an emerging technique, laser floater removal is not covered by most insurance plans. We believe every patient should have access to this advanced treatment, so we accept financing through CareCredit®. This allows patients to cover their upfront treatment cost and make smaller payments over the course of several months or even years. 

Innovative Treatment Solutions

At Hines Sight, we stay at the forefront of advanced treatment solutions. In addition to providing you with highly personalized care, our doctors take every precaution to provide safe surgical procedures. If floaters are impacting your ability to see clearly, contact our team online. You can also call (303) 777-3277 to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled and compassionate doctors.

The team at Hines Sight

Hines Sight

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