Educating Patients on Macular Degeneration can Help Prevent Vision Loss

The doctors at our ophthalmology office in Denver, CO, can help people with the early stages of macular degeneration. If you have been previously diagnosed with this disease and are looking for an eye doctor or ophthalmologist to help you with this troubling disease, do not hesitate to contact our practice.

Macular degeneration is a serious eye condition that can lead to permanent vision loss if not properly diagnosed and treated. Many people do not realize that this eye disease is not permanently curable. Macular degeneration has climbed to be the leading cause of blindness for elderly people. If you are over the age of 65 regular eye exams are encouraged to diagnose diseases like age-related macular degeneration.

Diagram of macular degeneration

Macular degeneration involves a deterioration of the macula part of the eye. In case you are not familiar with the macula, it is a small area in the retina at the back of the eye. It is responsible for seeing fine details. If this macula does not work properly the central vision of the eye can be often times blurry or dark.


Currently affects more thaen 10 Million Americans
There are 2 types of macular degeneration (wet and dry)
"Wet Macular Degeneration" is responsible for (90%) vision loss.
Average age of detection is in 70’s
Damage cannot be reversed
High myopia (nearsightedness) can lead to macular degeneration
As people get older, their chances for developing eye diseases like macular degeneration dramatically increases. The specific factors that cause macular degeneration are not conclusively known and have puzzled ophthalmologists for years. There are several research organizations learning about this disease and other corporate vision care organizations trying to develop products that lessen the effects. Continued donations and funding are still required so that research can continue.

Living With Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Life with age-related macular degeneration could be extremely depressing upon the first diagnosis. Because there is no cure for this disease options may seem bleak. A patient may first encounter a sign of macular degeneration if more light is required to do close work. Books and magazines may become harder to read and street signs will be less obvious. Visual dark spots may gradually develop and progress rapidly. If you feel that you may be experiencing some of these early warning signs of this eye disease make sure to consult a qualified ophthalmologist immediately. Your doctor will discuss your limited options and plan to try and prevent permanent vision loss. Despite the danger of this disease patients rarely lose all of their vision from macular degeneration. In most cases, poor central vision is a problem but functioning with normal daily tasks is possible.

Contact Us to Schedule an Eye Exam

In addition to having regular eye exams at our practice, there is a very easy test that you can actually do in the comfort of your own home. Every day you can check your vision with an Amsler Grid. This is a card graph with crossing lines that form small squares. If the lines do not look solid and straight this could indicate the beginning of changes leading to wet macular degeneration. The disease could be treatable at this point so this would be an alarm to immediately schedule an eye exam with Hines Sight.

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